Membership Fees 2023 - 2024

All membership runs until 31st March 2024

Adult membership - £38

Junior Adult (16-18 year old) - £20

All membership is due in March, please ensure membership is paid by 1st April. 

All members will be registered through the club with England Athletics meaning they will receive discounted race entries throughout the year, with a saving of often over £2 per race.​


If you’re reading this you’re interested in coming out, make this year the year you try something different. We offer potential members the chance to try the club for 3 weeks before they need to commit to joining.

All members on joining can:

Participate in club training runs – These are run by a qualified coaching team and include a variety of sessions where each training session will be posted on the BookWhen system we use for bookings. In the winter we are restricted to a few routes due to weather, conditions, light and suitability, but in the summer months we have a wider variety of areas open to us, like the Longdendale Trail.

Receive a range of running advice: Our runners have a wealth of experience of all aspects of Road Running, Trail Running, Fell Running, Track Running, XC and also over a range of distances.  Our runners participate in events from 5k up to Ultra distance

Join our social media groups: We have a very active Facebook group which is central to everything that our club does. Our Facebook group is private and only members will be granted access to this group. We also have a public Twitter and Instagram account, on which we are the most followed running group in the country on Twitter!!

Enter the club draw for a London Marathon Place: Each year the club receives a place for the London Marathon. Subject to a few basic rules, anybody with an official ballot rejection letter can be entered into the club draw where a name is drawn from a hat.

Club RUles

​See your doctor for a check up before you start a running program, this is especially important if you are over 40 years old, if you are overweight, have chronic illness or haven’t exercised for a long time​​.

Our basic rules are:

1) It is the responsibility of each runner to ensure they run safely and keep up to the pace of the session.

2) We don’t allow headphones to be used on training runs.

3) For winter running you are required to wear a light and this is compulsory (reflectors can be worn in addition but not in isolation). We have a STRICT policy of “No Light = No Run” You will be turned away from a session if you turn up without one.

4) During the summer months (or months when it is warm) it is recommended that you carry a drink.

5) If you have been prescribed with an inhaler/medication please carry it on all club runs and events.

6) Make sure the session leader is aware of any medical conditions that are relevant to your safety prior to your run.

7) Ensure you run within your ability.

8) During most sessions it will be required to cross roads. Be vigilant when crossing any road, use pedestrian crossings if available, if in doubt stop and wait.