Q) What age are members?

A) We have members aged 18 – 72 years old

Q) Will I be too slow?

A) No, Nobody will get left behind, we will build up slowly week after week as long as you can walk/walk+jog/exercise for 30 mins and have no medical reason why you can’t exercise then you’ll be okay

Q) What shall I wear?

A) Trainers, Suitable comfortable clothing and a drink

Q) Do you run in all weathers?

A) Yes, apart from icy conditions or extreme weathers

Q) Will I enjoy it?

A) Yes, members have said although sessions are hard, they really enjoy them and the feeling they get post workout is amazing

Q) How do I get up to date information?

A) Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Q) How is a typical session structured?

A) Walking warm up, Main Set, Walking cool down, Static stretching