Start2Jog Club Championship 2017

NameNumber of EventsPoints
Paul Garside8175
Paul Minton8151
Gail Jazmik7108
Mandy Beames5101
Lian Nutall691
Leo Ford483
Sue Crookes579
Andrew Hughes576
Sue Martin576
Jeanette Mitchell775
Sue May773
Lyn Todd771
Liz Kearslake566
Stuart Nock461
Matt Kearslake460
Luke Kearslake350
Emma Nock450
Tim Crookes549
Sylvia Roper347
Tom Roberts343
Adrian Gent342
Debbie Barker440
Jamielee Johnston439
Karen Sherwood339
Mel Kelleher Greenwood338
Kathryn Gray335
Dan Ellingworth330
Phil Gray430
Mike Potter225
Nicola Potter323
David Penny123
Phil Chorley221
Emily Garlick221
Gemma Willocks117
Zoe Gent214
Katie Dallender212
Liz Parker211
John Pearson111
Alan Smith13

Updated 1st September...

Scoring System - 

At each event after the scores go into the master spreadsheet which does some wonderful calculations and then the scores are allocated as follows

1st Place 20 points, 2nd Place 19 points........20th Place 1 point, everybody who attends get 1 point for attendance

Each PB at Glossop parkrun with get 2 bonus points

Any Marathon time will also be eligible to the points above (not limited to a specific event)

Upcoming Club Championship Events


3rd September - Salford 10k

24th September - Run for All Sheffield 10k


15th October - Manchester Half Maathon


12th November - Tatton Park Half Marathon

26th November - Club Mile Time Trial